Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Events: Flea @ CATHAY 28th August 2011

A big thank you to those who came and supported us at the Cathay Flea! It was a lovely Sunday and we sold plenty before the day was up! Here are some pictures of our display!

Yes, we sold manga comics that day too!

This was sold even before I could put it on sale on the site! A gorgeous handmade wire wrap with silver chains that could be worn multiple ways!

We also had this really cool display case that we laid down flat to create little mini pockets and had our earring stands all along the sides. That lasted for a whole of 10 minutes for the crowd started to pour in and yes, things got really messy!

We're on a lookout for the next flea to be part of and do drop by as we often collaborate with others who bring in quirky, pre loved items and AUTHENTIC VINTAGE DRESSES! 

Till next time!