Sunday, 28 April 2013

Instagram-ing our little lives!

Hello all! Our greatest apologies for the long hiatus!

It seems we have been absent for months, and I am truly sorry for my own sloppy commitment to blog. I'm going to try my best to write more often!

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great and having a wonderful 2013 so far. Mine has been quite a whirlwind, and pretty much going through some huge changes. And I'm happy to say though, that at least S.T. is having a better year! :-)

So in our absence, we have actually been active on mobiles instead. We have been instagram-ing our lives! So for any of you out there who has been so faithfully following us despite our neglect (which I promise will change!) and are curious to see what we are up to in our daily lives, do follow us!

FOLLOW S.T. @eneres_nat

And FOLLOW ME @emilialew

For S.T., she mostly instagrams her life in Shanghai, her new kitten and her cooking and craft! So look through her photos on sights around the great city. As for me, its mostly photos of the things I do, and places I go, and people I love, and just people and things I see.

Hope to see you on instagram, and will update here with some selected photos off instagram as well!