Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Custom-made Brooch for an Order

So, a friend of mine ordered a brooch from me couple of months ago, for his mother's anniversary gift. He pretty much left it up to me with a budget, and I pretty much wrecked my head for ideas and trying out various designs.

I've never made brooches before, so this was a real challenge for me. I also wanted to incorporate some odd shaped gemstones into the piece just so to make it special.

Then I tried a new technique of wiring and paper jewellery, and so this was the outcome.

With some gold accents in the form of a bird in flight and very delicate gold maple leaves, on top of the wire-paper and gemstones, I created my first brooch!

This was priced at $30 and **SOLD**


Thursday, 23 June 2011


Okay okay, I promise E.L I will post the work I've been doing for the Gorilla's birthday. He is on his way so I'll make this fast:
Cuff links for the Gorilla.

Aren't they cool? The Gorilla and I loved the Alchemist and it was that book that brought us together. I decided for his birthday to make him cuff links out of our favourite passages. This took me THREE ATTEMPTS to get it right.

Check out the awesome back view.

And yes, because I forgot to buy a proper cuff link box, I thought it'd be way cooler to put them into these little cases I use to hold my beads. Almost like a specimen sample. 

Well, I'm pretty pleased considering that I did this last night, cutting up font size 5 paper strips and sniffling. Yes, I'm down with a really bad cold and still feel wuzzy. Anyhow, off to see the Gorilla and I'll post pictures of the awesome lava cake that I'm going to bake for him. I know what you're thinking, "I hope she doesn't get any snot into those cakes..." HAH!


Without you, I would not have been able to accomplish all that I have. :)


Book Review : The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Yes, it would seem rather odd to suddenly have a book review on this blog. E.L gave me her blessings, saying that I could, I quote, "Put anything you want" on the blog and so I shall.

I have always been a bit of a geek and I love literature. A lot of people think its stuffy, boring and really quite irrelevant but I say nay. Literature teaches you the essentials of life, to analyse character, text, subtext, social conventions, perversions, the norm and subversion. Literature captures the humanity and beauty of one's culture, the quips and quirks. One word can say so much and yet saying plenty can mean nothing at all.

I can wax lyrical all day on the wonders and benefits of Literature and the Arts but I will be digressing. In another life, I would have done Literature in University and then move on to be a  Lit teacher, write poetry and possibly be suckered into a strange world of Academia that would have me floating in a bubble of flowing narrative.

I digress. So I finally read the one and ONLY novel by Sylvia Plath. It was reported that she had committed suicide one month after the publishing of this book under a different moniker. Which to me doesn't implicate that the writing of the book drove to the eventual suicide but rather, the writing of the book probably served as a catharsis for her.

 You see, she was a bit of a drama queen and CONSTANTLY tried to off herself. It was reported that it was an ATTEMPT but they got to her too late and hence her attempt became a finality.

The reason why the trivia is important to the book is because the book serves as a semi -autobiography. Plath herself served an internship at a fashion magazine and it was said that the names and details were changed but essentially  it was quite true to her life. She did go into an asylum and was treated for her illness.

In books such as these, the plot really is secondary. It is the way it is written that draws the reader. But nonetheless, it is not a book review without a synopsis and no one really wants to read my practical criticism on the text so here goes. :)

The Bell Jar is basically about Esther Greenwood, straight A student and has a promising and bright future. The novel kicks off with her in New York city on an internship with a very prestigious fashion magazine. From there begins her depression. First it starts slowly, from just wanting to cry for no reason to feeling this strange sense of idleness and finally, it manifests itself and puts her on a path of self destruction.

The bulk of the story happens after the internship where her mother tells her she didn't get the summer course in another university.  From there, things start to spiral downward. She first starts to try and find things to do, like write a novel, take up short hand but the depression starts to eat her and weigh her down.

On hindsight, the book is darkly funny as her attempts to kill herself and her observations as how her body betrays her intentions, such as "floating up'" while she tries to drown herself are comical but yet subtly so and on some level, extremely sad. One cannot help but sympathize with her.

Her observations in the asylum and her treatments reveal to us a world of shock treatments and an alternate reality that's disconcerting. The developments that follow leaves one curious and you start to live vicariously through her. As she wonders when will that "Bell Jar" descend upon her, you too start to feel the anxiety, that fear that perhaps the Bell Jar will descend upon you and trap you in that insipid stale scent of yourself.

So you ask yourself, does she get better? Will she leave the asylum?

 I won't spoil the ending but lets just say you are left hanging.

What is wonderful about the book is that the narrative is straightforward, easy to comprehend yet profoundly deep and surprisingly, not as  depressing as everyone claims it to be.Yes, Plath does suck you into Esther's world and you see the world through Esther Greenwood's eyes and cannot help but agree with her madness and her perceptions.

 Not a good read if you are already feeling down in the doldrums, but definitely a read if you are in the mood for some good literature.


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Art leaving me Breathless

If you need a creative pick me up, go check out this site!

Gorgeous works by artists, and normal people like you and me - but all equally brilliant!




Monday, 20 June 2011

Canvas Tote Handbags

Sewing everything by hand, many have doubted how far it'll take me.
You've seen my little evening clutches and leather clasp pouches, now here I am to gloat that hand sewing CAN take you just as far as sewing machines!!

A medium sized canvas tote, with felt iner-lining instead of interfacing, so it gives a firmer and sturdier feel. Fell in loved with these Japanese manufactured printed cloth canvas. This side of the bag is purple, and the back is bluey. The inside is another pattern cloth, red with Japanese cherry blossoms. Will try to get more extensive photos of this bag.

A large tote bag with bamboo handles. Found these very large panel cloths usually used for quilting I guess, and decided to use it for a bag. The panel is actually much bigger, but I had to trim it so that it is not ridiculously big. Used ultra-firm stabilisers for interfacing, and the inside is another patterned cloth. The perfect tote bag for a picnic, garden patterned and roomy enough to fill up with food!


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Snap a Name Card, get a DISCOUNT!


To thank you for coming to our flea and for the wonderful support that we've been receiving, we're doing a special promo just for YOU!
Take a picture of our name cards and receive FREE postage for regular mail or pay only $1.50 for registered mail on your next purchase! Simply take a snap shot of either name card and email it to stel.blog@gmail.com with the items you'd like and shop name (likeitmakeitwearit or shop.at.emilias).

PROMOTION ENDS  27th JUNE MIDNIGHT (when the clock strikes 12 on 26th June)

Saturday, 18 June 2011


The Scape flea was really good fun and THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! E.L was so sweet to pop by twice even though she was busy all day. :)

We met lots of lovely people at the flea and despite the heat, it was good fun with loads of interesting fellow blog shops around! Unfortunately my camera died but here are some fun photos that I took! I promise I'll take more at the next flea!

If you haven't seen the name card, here it is! Cat ring featured here is *SOLD*!

I figured this must be a lucky thing, seeing how E.L's green earrings were snapped up almost immediately after  I did this placement.

So I tried it another one.

Name cards with Birds in Flight. By this point, E.L's namecards were all snapped up and I had to make more on the spot! ( Bird in Flight necklace is STILL AVAILABLE!)

And of course, while waiting for business, I decided to get crafty: 

I modified the Klimt earrings!  

Here is how it looked like before: 

Klimt Earrings -This version is currently being reserved too!

And I made a blue version with the chains, but didn't get a chance to take a picture. The minute I finished, somebody snapped them up!

So you can imagine how pretty it was with the chains dangling down!

I think one of the wonderful things about a flea is that we get to meet YOU, our customers and fellow blog shops! I love hearing your feedback and seeing your happy faces when I modify something for you!

Yes, at fleas, Like it. Make it. Wear it. does customization on site (subject to availability, I can only carry so much craft material on me!)  and feature items NOT on the blog. I usually do craft at fleas to while away the time and sell them immediately.

I truly had a blast and we hope to see you at our next event! :)  


Big Thank you for the support ~ Flea @ Scape

Thank you to all who came and support us today at the flea at Scape!

Our collections are being snapped up, so do hurry and order your favourites today!

Personally, I owe S.T. a big big THANK YOU for doing all the work at the flea today!! She sat there the whole day and did all the selling!!! So thank you x1000 times!

Here are a couple of photos from our stall that S.T. took today! She might share more with you later!

 The wonderful display S.T. did up!

Lovely photo of my earrings [which has been sold] with my namecards!


Friday, 17 June 2011

Gemstones & Dancers - First part of 2nd Collection

Gemstones & Dancers - Part 1

Real gemstones - Rose quartz gently strung on gold - with 14karat gold plated chains

Sweet and elegant necklace.

Made to order only, also subjected to availability, comment or email me to order a piece

Item no.: NL03
Price: $58

Rhodium pendant and ballerina with silver coloured chain. Necklace hangs low - reaches mid-chest

Item no.: NL04
Price: $18

Gold coloured pendant and ballerina, with real Black Obsidian gemstones strung through gold coloured chain.

Necklace hangs low - reaches underneath chest

Item no.: NL05
Price: $18

Gold coloured pendant with plain gold chain.

Necklace hangs low - reaches mid-chest

Item no.: NL06
Price: $20

Pearls on greyish-purple velvet ribbon necklace

Item no.: NL07


Real Howlite Gemstones strung together with elastic to form fitted bracelet [unisex].

Only made to order, also subjected to availability, comment or email me to order a piece
Style is available with other gemstones, contact me for availability.

Item no.: BR01
Price: $10

Real gemstones - Rose quartz gently strung on gold with a pale coloured gold graceful Ballerina - earrings

Item no.: ER07
Price: $18

Email or comment for order - subjected to availability

Real Gemstones - shades of Green Garnets and rose quartz garden earrings

Item no.: ER08
Price: $15

Colourful Ballerina earrings

Item no.: ER09

For more information on how to order, please click here.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Like it. Make it. Wear it. Charm and Klimt

Like it. Make it. Wear it. Collection 2: Charm and Klimt!




Monday, 13 June 2011

Brooch Necklace - Inspired Anthropologie Marjorelle Necklace

So creating your own Anthropologie Marjorelle Necklace isn't so hard.

All you need, is 3 different looking brooches, you can go any theme, butterflies, flowers, leaves etc.
I chose flowers, so make sure they are more or less similar in sizes, they don't have to be exact, but not too far apart in sizes too, unless you can make it work of course.
Choosing them in similar shades or colours will be better, or else you can just spray paint them. Which on a side note then I would not encourage you to use vintage or expensive brooches if you are going to paint them - just get those cheap ones. I got mine for a few for a couple of dollars.

Then just clip the brooches on a rope/velvet/strong satin ribbon. I chose a pale gold rope for mine [like those they use to make curtain tassles].

Attach a clasp at the ends of the ropes and you have yourself an Inspired Anthropologie Marjorelle Necklace.

Have fun with it and get creative with it! Use ribbons or more brooches etc. [I've actually got 4 brooches in there, I layered 2 brooches in the middle; one on top the other] You'd be surprise how easy it is to make and how it can look really well-done.


  Pin It

Jazz up an Old Necklace

This is just a short tip to inspire you to look at your old accessories in a new light. Like all girls, I have tons of accessories I've bought over the years piled up in jewellery boxes [yes, plural because I do have way tooo many].

If you have an old piece of jewellery that you really like but don't wear it anymore for various reasons like it looks outdated or like me in this particular situation, only liked part of the accessory and not the rest - you can always jazz it up and use them again!

Like this necklace -
The original piece is the pendant, which I love, but it was hung on a chain that was too bulky and there were way too many messy cheap charms hanging off it. So I revamped it by giving it a new chain, and hook up some fake pearls [which are in similar colour to the real ones on the pendant] to the chain. So now there isn't a clunky chain to weigh the necklace down, and this far more toned down chain I've replaced it with allows the beautiful pendant to shine with the right attention it deserves!

Hope this inspires you! Don't just let your old accessories rot away, bring it back to life!


Past hand-made Jewellery

Here are some of the jewellery I've made that are not in the collections for sale -

 Above is a necklace with a beautiful gold butterfly with carved pink roses pendant, lain across a leather case with a hand-embroidery of a letter 'A'. Made the necklace for my boyfriend's sister's birthday and the leather case for my boyfriend. Below is the pair of earrings I made for his sister too, lain across the birthday card I hand-made too.

The necklace below is made out of my mother's old buttons that fell off from the clothes she wore or for the clothes she always planned to make but never got to. So recycling comes in again and I mixed in with some loose beads/pearls and it created this lovely bib-like necklace that will always remind me of my late mother and keep her close to me when I wear it. These buttons are so old that they're probably vintage now and may never be found in stores again.

So my boyfriend's grandma gave me a bag of gemstones one day, and I created this cage necklace that was similar to another necklace I used to have that my own grandma gave me years ago that broke.

This was a recent project, using scrap leather, I made this wrist cuff for my boyfriend. If this gets good feedback, who knows, I might expand into a man-jewellery line!

Another very recent project, I made this pendant for a old school friend's birthday.


Grandma Clutch pouches and bags

Here are some of my past work, I went through a phase of making evening clutches using the twist-clasps, at first they were with satin [scrap cloths found at shops] and recycling old plastic files to use as the bags' hardy shape.

 Made this purplish pink one for my mom, she embellised it with more 'diamond' studs. The handle attached to clasps for this one was already decked out with 'diamond' crystals.

 This classy black one was my very first hand bag project, embellised it with my mother's old brooch.

So recently, I started updating this twist-clasp style, using leather [scrap leather pieces sold by grams].

As you can see, brooches make a big difference to the final look of these pouches and bags.

Also, all my projects that requires sewing, are hand-sewn personally. I don't believe in those frightening giant whirring machines.