Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Tea Party at Sixth Avenue

If you're looking for a really good-hearty-warm-sweet-cold desert, then I would suggest the Desert Bowl at The Tea Party!

It is a bowl full of warm syrupy gooey apples and raisins at the bottom with a crumbly crust and then topped up with heaps of vanilla ice-cream! It is to me the best desert that's worth its price! Only for $6.70 it is the size of a soup bowl and it can easily feed 2 people, although I would rather not share... yummm

The Tea Party has other deserts, the other popular choice is their scones, they come in quite a few flavors, a favourite is the chocolate chip one, and there are others like cranberries etc. other deserts also includes cakes.  All of them are baked at the cafe itself, and so you can be assured that your muffins are fresh and not the dry stale sorts you get from some cafes that order from factories.

They've also got a selection of food, but as their cafe's name suggests, they have quite a list of teas that can be hot or cold - although not as extensive as TWG which is on a completely different level anyway. There are stacks of old magazines and old board games for diners' entertainment, however do expect that some of the board games are so old that it does have missing pieces. As for the food, it is reasonably priced, where their lunch set which starts from 11am - 4pm goes for a selection of main dish with an iced tea for around $6.50,  then the all day set meal goes for around $9.90 which includes a selection of main dish with iced tea and their soup of the day. I really like their prawn aglio, which doesn't seem like much but the simplicity of it is really flavourful! They're generous with their garlic fried in olive oil, then tossed with chopped parsley and peppered with chili padi it gives the dish a tiny little kick, they used to put more chili but I think it was too much for some of their customers [like my boyfriend] that they cut back on it.

So do drop by for a chillout session at The Tea Party, don't mind the old couches that are falling apart, it kind of adds to atmosphere of being laid back.

Mon - Thurs:11:30-00:00
Fri - Sat:11:30-01:30

Email: theteaparty@live.com
Phone: 6462 3563


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