Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Medz at Orchard Central

The basement in Orchard Central is almost complete, and the theme is the Mediterranean, the entire basement floor is decorated in its theme, with the region inspired colours and mosaic tiles. The theme also extends to the retail shops selling Moroccan lamps, jewellery etc. and even Mediterranean food. Food Junction opened a restaurant, The Medz that has the same style as Marche but serving Mediterranean food.

So I had lunch there few days ago, after its much awaited opening - the entire basement took a long time to be ready for customers. There are quite a range of food choices, from tajines to kebabs etc. I had the lamb and prunes tajine with couscous. It wasn't bad and neither is it tooting fantabulous, it was ok. The tajine tasted alot like oxtail soup, which I don't think it should, but still edible and not a bad taste. The couscous was rather plain, with just a scatter of raisins on the top. All I can say is that I've had better, but this is still passable - may not be as worth the $13 it cost.

Then I had desert, the bread pudding was fantastic, it was not too sweet and gelak (where you eat till you feel really heavy and pukey) it was not so eggy, I've had other bread puddings before that tasted like you're eating sweet tofu, but this doesn't. And the vanilla cream was not overpowering either, it complimented the pudding well.
So other than the food, the stores around the area was fun. I found a jewellery store that sold raw gemstones and got excited as they were really low priced and got inspired for making jewellery. So look out for them soon!


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