Monday, 13 June 2011

Past hand-made Jewellery

Here are some of the jewellery I've made that are not in the collections for sale -

 Above is a necklace with a beautiful gold butterfly with carved pink roses pendant, lain across a leather case with a hand-embroidery of a letter 'A'. Made the necklace for my boyfriend's sister's birthday and the leather case for my boyfriend. Below is the pair of earrings I made for his sister too, lain across the birthday card I hand-made too.

The necklace below is made out of my mother's old buttons that fell off from the clothes she wore or for the clothes she always planned to make but never got to. So recycling comes in again and I mixed in with some loose beads/pearls and it created this lovely bib-like necklace that will always remind me of my late mother and keep her close to me when I wear it. These buttons are so old that they're probably vintage now and may never be found in stores again.

So my boyfriend's grandma gave me a bag of gemstones one day, and I created this cage necklace that was similar to another necklace I used to have that my own grandma gave me years ago that broke.

This was a recent project, using scrap leather, I made this wrist cuff for my boyfriend. If this gets good feedback, who knows, I might expand into a man-jewellery line!

Another very recent project, I made this pendant for a old school friend's birthday.


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