Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Secret Cliff Resort & Restaurant - Phuket

If you're looking to stay in Phuket Thailand, and you'd prefer a room with a view and not on the crowded beach in the middle of the town (even though those are the most sorted-after-crazy-expensive hotels), I would suggest the Secret Cliff Resort & Restaurant.
As the name suggests, the resort is on the cliff, and the ocean view rooms are perched on the edges so it looks over the cliff with a gorgeous view of the waters from the window by your bedside. Or you can opt for the cheaper garden view rooms, which has the view of the well-kept gardens of the resort. It is a small establishment, with only few rooms so there is hardly a chance of overcrowding, a good get away from the hustle of the touristy Phuket.

The prices are not extravagant, I would say it's about mid-range in comparison the other hotels/ resorts in Phuket. The room's decor is comfortable and clean, the food at their restaurant is not bad either.

Go to their website here for more information!


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