Monday, 13 June 2011

How to make your own Masking Tape Namecard Holder

I made this quickie-fix for S.T. one day at work when she forgot her namecard holder, so all you need is a roll of Masking Tape and a string to have a tie-down flap if you want.

Basically the techniques are just a repetition of steps below:

Make as many folded strips and stick them together as seen in steps 3 and 4, then as it forms a large rectangular/squarish masking tape sheet, fold it to form a simple slip or envelope shape then tape up the sides, and if your masking tape sheet is big enough for a flap over (like mine in the photo above), you can punch holes and tie a string/ ribbon through it. You can smooth out the roughly torn/ cut edges of your masking tape strips by layering over with more tape or leave it for a more interesting look!

To personalise it, I designed S.T.'s initial on it with a silver marker, ta-da!

If you want to get even more creative, you can even go on and design your own bag/wallet with it, using multi-coloured masking tapes. Do a weave with the strips like I did below to make a handbag for a different pattern, but remember to tape it down on the back.

Personalise your own and have fun with it!


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