Monday, 13 June 2011

Grandma Clutch pouches and bags

Here are some of my past work, I went through a phase of making evening clutches using the twist-clasps, at first they were with satin [scrap cloths found at shops] and recycling old plastic files to use as the bags' hardy shape.

 Made this purplish pink one for my mom, she embellised it with more 'diamond' studs. The handle attached to clasps for this one was already decked out with 'diamond' crystals.

 This classy black one was my very first hand bag project, embellised it with my mother's old brooch.

So recently, I started updating this twist-clasp style, using leather [scrap leather pieces sold by grams].

As you can see, brooches make a big difference to the final look of these pouches and bags.

Also, all my projects that requires sewing, are hand-sewn personally. I don't believe in those frightening giant whirring machines.



  1. Emilia!! Your accessories look so pretty! Im so proud to own one of your collection... Congrats to your new blog shop!
    -shing z

  2. Thank you SHING!!! :))
    Tell your friends k?