Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Twist on your Ballerina & Sock Bun

I've got another simple hair style to share, and I think there are many versions of it out there and you may already be familiar with it as it is very similar to a Ballerina's bun and I think its an easy cheat to the sock bun.

But just thought I could share my own version with you. It's really a pretty and very easy up-do, and it's also suitable for little girls. I would think that it would work for hair that is mid-back to long.

Here I use mini crocodile clips in candy colours! 

I love these little clips as they look so pretty and girly, and it can also work on little girls.

It's an easy up-do that you can use for everyday styles - school, work, weekend... 
So I did a little tutorial, excuse the video quality as I tried using my phone this time round..
Here you go!

In the video my hair is slightly damp after a shower, and I find it easier to manage with damp hair, but it also is still easy to do with your hair already dried.

Also I find that if you do it with damp hair and leave it on for a few hours to dry in the bun, when you let it down later your hair will be in soft and wavy curls - yay no heat curling!

So I didn't manage to get good pictures on the same day of the video, but here are photos of the same style with my hair already dried.

My hair is slightly layered, so because of the varying lengths, it can get unwound a bit which explains why some were sticking out of the bun, that's why I think with damp hair is easier as my hair stays in place better.

 I don't mind the hair coming unwound a little here and there as it is a very casual and easy look.
But if your hair is like mine and are bothered by it and don't want to bun up when your hair is damp, I would suggest using some hair oil.

Run through your hair with some hair oil with your fingers lightly [too much hair oil can make hair too sleek and greasy], and then create the up-do.

If you still find some hair coming undone, you can always add more clips or use bobby pins. Another way that I do this hair-do, is to use bobby pins instead of crocodile clips - it's the same direction just use pins instead.

Using bobby pins looks more grown up and you can transform the style to something more glamorous if you add on your preferred hair adornments.

But I used crocodile clips in this tutorial as it's easier to demonstrate the basic style.

You can also always have the bun higher or lower depending on your preference.

Hope you found this inspiring and useful!