Saturday, 18 June 2011


The Scape flea was really good fun and THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! E.L was so sweet to pop by twice even though she was busy all day. :)

We met lots of lovely people at the flea and despite the heat, it was good fun with loads of interesting fellow blog shops around! Unfortunately my camera died but here are some fun photos that I took! I promise I'll take more at the next flea!

If you haven't seen the name card, here it is! Cat ring featured here is *SOLD*!

I figured this must be a lucky thing, seeing how E.L's green earrings were snapped up almost immediately after  I did this placement.

So I tried it another one.

Name cards with Birds in Flight. By this point, E.L's namecards were all snapped up and I had to make more on the spot! ( Bird in Flight necklace is STILL AVAILABLE!)

And of course, while waiting for business, I decided to get crafty: 

I modified the Klimt earrings!  

Here is how it looked like before: 

Klimt Earrings -This version is currently being reserved too!

And I made a blue version with the chains, but didn't get a chance to take a picture. The minute I finished, somebody snapped them up!

So you can imagine how pretty it was with the chains dangling down!

I think one of the wonderful things about a flea is that we get to meet YOU, our customers and fellow blog shops! I love hearing your feedback and seeing your happy faces when I modify something for you!

Yes, at fleas, Like it. Make it. Wear it. does customization on site (subject to availability, I can only carry so much craft material on me!)  and feature items NOT on the blog. I usually do craft at fleas to while away the time and sell them immediately.

I truly had a blast and we hope to see you at our next event! :)  


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