Sunday, 12 June 2011

Flower Arrangement for Dummies

Eustoma Flower Arrangement

Sometime last year I was struck down with Chicken Pox. Yes, its not exactly the most common disease for adults to catch but nonetheless, back then I was a teacher teaching children ranging from 3 -16 years of age, so naturally, somebody at some point in that demographic HAD to have the virus.
Anyhow, in my two weeks of pain, scabbing of the skin and delirium from the amount of drugs being pumped into my body, I discovered flower arrangement. Apparently being under house arrest (I had to be quarantined for at least 2 weeks) inspired this madness for making my surroundings beautiful and homely.

Here are a few tips I picked up for flower arrangment:
  • You don't need a beautiful vase. Old wine bottles will do. The one you see in the photo is an old glass wine canister that came with the wine I bought it in.
  • Its not about the flowers only, its about the foliage that comes with it that makes it complete. All those little  green leaves I used helped to finish the look. Baby breath is also another good option
  • When doing the arrangement, stick to the basic ball or triangle rule. I used the triangle rule for this one, that meant having a wider base and a narrower bottom. This way it ensures a certain balance that is pleasing to the eye. Please note that there are flower arrangements that do not stick to this formula and this a beginners' tip I discovered myself.
  • If you live in sunny Singapore like I do, don't waste your time going to a fancy flower shop. Wet markets have an excellent selection of fresh flowers that will surprise you, along with all the fancy baskets, sponges and what-have-yous for a stunning arrangement. And the next time you go to Cold Storage or NTUC, keep your eyes peeled. They often times carry very pretty flowers that comes with their own foliage for cheap!
  • Lastly, have fun and pick the flowers you like. For this, I picked Eustomas which are common, hardy( they take a week to wilt) and come in a variety of colours! Flowers that wilt quickly means that the effort and money you put in will not last as long as a hardier one. 

For more on flower arrangement, click here.

P.S: This makes a great gift when visiting someone too!


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