Monday, 13 June 2011

Jazz up an Old Necklace

This is just a short tip to inspire you to look at your old accessories in a new light. Like all girls, I have tons of accessories I've bought over the years piled up in jewellery boxes [yes, plural because I do have way tooo many].

If you have an old piece of jewellery that you really like but don't wear it anymore for various reasons like it looks outdated or like me in this particular situation, only liked part of the accessory and not the rest - you can always jazz it up and use them again!

Like this necklace -
The original piece is the pendant, which I love, but it was hung on a chain that was too bulky and there were way too many messy cheap charms hanging off it. So I revamped it by giving it a new chain, and hook up some fake pearls [which are in similar colour to the real ones on the pendant] to the chain. So now there isn't a clunky chain to weigh the necklace down, and this far more toned down chain I've replaced it with allows the beautiful pendant to shine with the right attention it deserves!

Hope this inspires you! Don't just let your old accessories rot away, bring it back to life!


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