Monday, 20 June 2011

Canvas Tote Handbags

Sewing everything by hand, many have doubted how far it'll take me.
You've seen my little evening clutches and leather clasp pouches, now here I am to gloat that hand sewing CAN take you just as far as sewing machines!!

A medium sized canvas tote, with felt iner-lining instead of interfacing, so it gives a firmer and sturdier feel. Fell in loved with these Japanese manufactured printed cloth canvas. This side of the bag is purple, and the back is bluey. The inside is another pattern cloth, red with Japanese cherry blossoms. Will try to get more extensive photos of this bag.

A large tote bag with bamboo handles. Found these very large panel cloths usually used for quilting I guess, and decided to use it for a bag. The panel is actually much bigger, but I had to trim it so that it is not ridiculously big. Used ultra-firm stabilisers for interfacing, and the inside is another patterned cloth. The perfect tote bag for a picnic, garden patterned and roomy enough to fill up with food!


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