Saturday, 12 November 2011

Titanic Exhibit at the ArtScience Museum -Singapore

I know I know.. I'm supposed to put up more photos of our flea at Public Gardens, but I don't have the photos at the moment... so in the meantime, I'm here to encourage you to go check out the Titanic exhibit at Singapore's ArtScience museum! The exhibit is running from now till 29 April, and I was there on the first day to catch the Dali's exhibit too. The entrance for the Titanic exhibit is about $28 and yes I know it sounds pricey but it is worth it! And I'm not even a huge titanic or ship enthusiast.. The exhibit has loads of info on the history of Titanic and a lot of facts about ship building back then, which was perfect for my boyfriend, and for me, I was swooned by the settings! It almost felt as though they transported us back in time and we actually were on board the ship.

 So here are some spoilers, we took some photos

This was the first class hallway to the rooms

When we entered the exhibit they gave us these boarding passes which were exact replicas of the originals, on each pass was a real passenger's name and at the end of the journey we were supposed to find out if our passenger survived. My boyfriend got Thomas Andrews the ship's architect and I got a young English lady, Ellen Hocking.
The famous grand staircase of the ship.

 OK I shan't spoil it for you anymore if you're keen to see it!

 Cheers, E.L.

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