Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Gift Art as Jewellery!

Tonight I want to dedicate this post to my lovely cousins - my sisters

Y and R are my cousins, we grew up together like sisters - like our mothers did.

So I made this necklace for Y, she is currently battling cancer, and she will soon be a cancer survivor :)) She saw my art jewellery and asked for a piece that has a drawing of the 3 of us, and so I eventually made it.

R is the beautiful soul - she may be petite but she is the force behind our strengths. She was the one holding my hands in prayer over my mother's grave, and she was the caregiver in the Emergency room waiting for news on Y.

So I sketched out a portrait of the 3 of us based on a photo, and then shrunk it to size to fit the locket. I coloured it in and poured sealant over it. Hung it on pure Rhodium chains with semi-precious gemstones strung through, I also included a couple of metal leaves on it. I also made the rose out of clay and attached it to the necklace. I think it's a sweet romantic piece, and I hope when Y wears it she remembers us, her sisters and how much we love her :)


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