Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Courtship ~ E.L.

Oh dear... I think S.T. and I are just too busy to blog more often these days! Terribly sorry for leaving this site so dead for so many weeks, just that it's been a crazy 2 months at work, and we are expecting this hectic schedule to go on till July! We're losing sleep, losing hair, and whatever that's remaining on our heads are growing gray! Yikes! We're praying desperately just to get through these next few months in one piece!

For those of you curious readers... S.T. and I don't just share this blog, but we are also real-life friends and colleagues. And just a little more information on what we do, we work in a theatre company in the Sales and Marketing team, and so the months prior to our performances is the most crucial and our necks are on the line..

Alright, I shall not bore you any longer with my whining of our jobs! Rather recently, a close friend of mine met a girl... And being completely new at the game of courtship, seeks my help in wooing her! So with her birthday coming up then, he commissions me to make her a unique gift!

He wanted the weave-band watch, and he was willing to splurge on a Fossil watch face as well!
I made it to his liking, and also threw in an extra accessory, one of my Chan-Luu inspired bracelets, this time made out with luxurious Jade beads.

So just thought this could be an inspiring post to you all out there! 
Happy crafting!


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