Monday, 30 July 2012

Gift Ideas - Fun Packs & Kits

It's been awhile since a new post and this is because I've been lazy and S.T.'s trapped in China which of course blocks out Google.... So till she figures how to manoeuvre round the internet blockages from the chinese government, we will not be receiving any updates from her.... Ah well.... then it is up to me to fill this space!

So in my absence, we've celebrated a couple of occasions that warrant pressies! Who doesn't love presents right? And what's better than just receiving a gift? RECEIVING PLENTY OF GIFTS!

Well that's sorta the idea... so if you can remember from the last post [or so], our colleague S.M. was leaving our company and moving on to another job, so our company gave my other colleague, I.A. and I a budget to get a farewell gift on behalf of the whole company. After much dallying and not knowing what to get, I.A. came up with an idea to put together a Rainy Day Kit for S.M.!

Awesome idea! Because with the small budget we got a variety of fun stuff to put together and made it into a Rainy Day Kit! It consisted of all the fun things a girl needs on a rainy day -

A book to curl up with, facial masks, bath & body lotions, chocolate, fudgey lip balm, mints, a princess pen, and nail polish. We also burned her a CD with all the songs we've shared with her throughout her time with us in the company! That was such a fun and personal bit, but so hard to narrow down the song list!

It was such a hit with S.M. that it gave me brilliant ideas for my cousin R.'s belated birthday pressie. I haven't met her in months and thus missed her birthday in March, so I think she deserves a little luxury. In her pack, it's called the "Self-Indulgent Pack"

In R's 'Self-Indulgent Pack', it has all the stuff a busy modern day woman would need to unwind and relax on a day off. I got her a set of the Japanese Rose bath and body milk with lip balm from Korres, I got her a travel Book about Europe by my favourite author Bill Bryson [R.'s an avid jetsetter who is obsessed with Paris], and I got a nice container and filled it with soothing teas for her and also made a CD compilation of relaxing music. Plus a touch of additional luxury, if she wants to step out, a little sparkle to add on to her party dress - I made her pair of Aventurine Earrings.

The next pack was for D. I also missed her birthday in March, so I made her a pink girl pack!

In her pack, I got her a nice glass bottle and filled it with yummy cookies and tied a pretty pink bow, facial packs with nail polish all in pink, bath and lotion in pink, and a girly pretty romantic novel - all wrapped up in pink!

And last but not the least..... My BF's birthday! Which was just this weekend that passed! I got him a theme of blue accessories.

A pair of Rivieras Leisure Shoes and an AX Pop colour watch - both items he had been eyeing and wanting to get for himself. Of course staying in theme, both were in the shades of blue!

And so with a personal creative touch, I made him a birthday card with quotes from our current favourite TV show - Happy Endings

I created the font from scratch and printed it out to make the card, here is a copy so you guys can use it to if you want ;)

And yes, I am very broke now from all the spending, but so happy to see my loved ones happy with what I got them! This gift pack ideas are wonderful and actually with the right budget and the little effort of shopping wisely while thinking of what the person you are buying for might appreciate - this gift pack ideas make great presents and can save you alot of moolah!

Hope it inspired some of you out there!



  1. Can you provide me some ideas about gifts for Eid?

    1. Well for Eid [which we call Hari Raya here in SG], I would suggest the baked goodies! You know those pineapple tarts and traditional biscuits or pastries that we have during the festive season. You can also throw in a pretty scarf for a lady, or a brooch that they can wear with their traditional wears on the festive day. For a boy you can substitute it with a fancy songkok or samping. You can always gift it in beautiful packaging, and I'm sure your receiver will enjoy it!