Monday, 17 June 2013

A Well-loved Sock Cat

Remember the sock cat I made a year ago for S.T.?
If you can't, here's a link back to the previous post on the sock cat I made with a tutorial link for it.

So if you're wondering the fate of this sock cat, which S.T. has named Chester, here are some clues...

It is now well-loved by S.T.'s real kitty, Jax! Apparently the kitten grew very attached to the hand-made soft toy since it was adopted by S.T, and now they're inseparable!

Through sickness and in health...

As you can see, the sock-cat has withstood quite a lot and yet it has remained intact! Trust me, I'm very surprised and impressed at my own hand stitching!

Thanks to S.T. for sharing the cute photos!


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