Monday, 21 May 2012

Lace Skirt Obsession! ~ E.L.

Last weekend, I finally took on the challenge to sew myself a Lace fitted skirt!
Lace has always been a favourite for me, even before this recent trendiness surrounding it. Here are just a few examples that I have been gawking at. Of course to purchase one will probably cost me a bomb, and to be honest I have yet to see any in the local stores selling any that looks close to any of these.

Most of those off the racks are of poor quality with fraying lace or lace that looks tired out, and the most popular trend for this style here is the awful shorts version with layering of lace!

No offence to anyone who likes this style but shorts on my wide hips and chunky thighs are a no-no.

Wielding a needle and a scrap left-over satin, I purchased some gorgeous white crochet lace from Chinatown, and took on the challenge to make myself one! Lace, by the way, to buy off a ready made garment out of good lace cost a bomb, and so does it when you buy them raw per yard from the shops! Cost me $17 for half a yard! Which is like 42"... that's pricey for me since I'm always looking for bargain materials only... but if you think about it.. to buy the ready made would be pricier!

And here was how it turned out

Skirt & Blouse - Made by yours truly

Gold gladiator cuff bangle - Aldo [could not help myself when I saw it at the store!]

Red Leather tote - Soon Lee [birthday gift from the BF 2 years ago!]

Shoes - from one of those cheap stores in Far East Plaza

And yes, this clothes are all hand-sewn, the blouse was done ages ago, thought it made a good match with the skirt. Had to keep amending to make the fit for the skirt right, but I think I nailed it!

The blouse I made probably only cost me like $2 or something - it was from some left over cloth from another dress I made. And the total cost of the skirt was only the $17 lace I had to get as the satin lining I made was leftover scrap from somewhere I cannot remember!

It is crazy affordable to make your own clothes, and I hope I've inspired you to try it as well!