Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Saying Farewell

I guess it's official, and we should announce it here now... S.T. has left our company [as in our real-life job... not this blog] to embark on a new adventure! She's relocating with her boyfriend! To China! YAY for her!!!

Personally I'm so happy for her, I totally support this huge change because life is too short to hesitate at grand opportunities... And as much as she's whining about how she will not enjoy China, I truly hope she will learn to see how lucky she is!

So not only did S.T. left the company, we've been having big changes in manpower as more colleagues left as well... Including my wonderful Intern-then-became-part-timer-because-she-was-so-awesome colleague... Sam! She finally graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts [I went there too, and was her senior! How cool is that??] and got a full a time job at the Esplanade. She was a great help to us all at the company, and I've watched her grow and learn and totally know that she will rock at her new job!

Of course, this was a cause for a congratulatory celebration! And what other way can I do it but to send them off with a few hand-made goodness...

Farwell Card with hand-embroidered Bookmark with Sam's initials, hung a pretty ballerina charm onto it for the dancer in her...

I also made a her one of my Roman Leaves cuff bracelet - she was admiring it the last time I wore it.

 For S.T. I also made a hand embroidered bookmark with leaf charm hanging off it...

I also made her a pair of dangly earrings with a drawing of Cat Silhouettes! She's been asking for me to draw her a pair since forever and I finally made it! I ran out of those glossy resin-like stuff so I actually used scotch tape here as mod-podge kept bleeding my drawing [I had to redo it a million times because of mod-podge! So not trusting that silly stuff again!]

But of course scotch tape did not last long, water still managed to seep through, thankfully S.T. had resin to lay over it before any horrid damage was done!

The Cat silhouettes were all personally hand drawn, not a stencil, so if you look closely both of them look slightly different!

 Writing my goodbye messages... it was definitely a tear-jerking moment...

 Here are some packaging ideas, used a white paper bag, with paper doileys and silver ribbons... looks gorgeously romantic without the effort!

For our day of farewell, we went out to the ArtScience Museum to catch the Harry Potter and Warhol exhibit, and had an indulgent dessert at Max Brenner's after dinner... Maybe we'll fill you in on it in another post..

For S.T. fans out there, not to worry! She may be in a different part of the world from me now, but she will still be writing in now and then with updates on her new life over in China! That's the beauty of the internet!

[Let's just hope blogger isn't banned in China or something... hmmmm.... ]

 And I will be missing their companionship at work... Truly blessed to have met and made such wonderful friendships...


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