Saturday, 6 August 2011

Kao Liese - Bubble Hair Colour - Natural Black

I've recently discovered that when life gives you a whole ton of lemons to suck on, the stress will give you grey hairs... And I got several sprouting on my too-young head! So I wanted to get rid of them, and was plucking them out, but I knew it was not a good way, as grey is when your normal black hair has lost its pigmentation so it will never go away and will always keep growing back grey. So instead of plucking them out and enduring balding patches [grey hair is always better than no hair!], I decided to dye it!

However, unlike most asian women these days, I did not want to have fake blonde/brown/red tones in my hair, I personally find it offensive - like the new age of colonisation. Why do we asians see the need to try and look like the westerners? We should just be glad with our own distinctive look :)

Anyway, I wanted to dye my hair, but I'm quite dumb at doing it myself at home, where most do-it-yourself hair dyes requires you to have eyes on the back of your head when you apply it on evenly, and it gets really messy, and I didn't want to go through all that, neither do I want to spend an extortionate amount in a salon. So I was super happy when Kao Liese came up with their dark colour hair dyes range!

Kao Liese hair bubble colours used to come in only light colours which does not even colour greys, but with this new dark colour range, it is specially for covering your unsightly aged hair!!!
And I used it, and it was successful!! It was also as simple to use as the product claims it to be! Well, the frothy bubbles that the ad keeps showing is semi-true, where it is only frothy when you squeeze it out of the bottle [after you've mixed the solutions as following the easy step-by-step instructions in the pack], but when applied to the hair it will all just dissolve and you will not be have nice bubbly frothy hair as the ad shows, but it will look like dark sticky paste. This is normal, but the best part is that it is so neat! As you spread the froth over your hair, the paste will gradually hold up your hair, so it does not drip and you can push up your hair like you're shampooing [as seen in the ads but without the bubbles], so it does not dangle and drip all over your back. It also spreads evenly all over your whole head of hair and easily all over your whole head of hair.

The results are very good too! My greys are completely covered and actually the entire length of my hair are evenly dyed! And my hair is blacker than before [actually my hair was natural brown before], but I would have prefered a darker black. Hopefully they can extend their black range to like blue-black and such. Also it did not dry out the hair very badly, I had to condition it quite heavily to get back the smooth softness, and the pack also gave a leave-on serum which softened the hair after wash too. So with continuous conditioning and I use my own serum and olive oil, my hair is shiny and soft as ever!

So check out more of it here if you are interested!



  1. hey.. I would like to know how long did u leave the dye on your hair?

    1. Hi Jessabelle, I can't remember how long exactly, I think it was only half hour. Should read the instructions on the box, and don't leave on for more than what is instructed as it will spoil your hair further.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. hi,may i know will it turn hairs to be very black?After used this natural black color,i could not dye other color range for the next time as it will dimmed its future?

    1. Hi Feipow,
      the colour came out black but not dull. I wouldn't suggest dying over it as goes for any other hair dye brands, especially over black because the next colour will not show through. If you do want to dye another lighter colour over the black you will probably need to bleach it first, it's the only way a lighter colour can show. But I will NOT recommend that as it will definitely spoil your hair.

      Or you can always go to a salon to get help. Good luck!