Saturday, 6 August 2011

E.L.: Boyfriend's Birthday, and Art Jewellery

It was my boyfriend's birthday 2 weeks ago, and he was in Japan, so I only managed to give him his present recently when he got back. The actual gift was CHANEL's Bleu Eu de Toilette [happiness is CHANEL], but I also wanted to make him something as I always do.

So, I knew that he had just gotten himself a brand new camera, the Olympus E PL2 - which is awesome by the way, and all photos in this post was taken with it - and he needed a camera case. And of course, I made him one!

I used some blue leather and greyish-blue canvas, for the interfacing I used 2 layers, felt and sponge, so that it gives added protection. When making camera or phone or laptop cases always use good thick interfacing so that it provides the needed protection. I also lined it with white satin so that it does not scratch the camera. I also added snap buttons to the sides so that the bag can extend itself.

Since this was a surprise gift, I had to seek out the measurements of the camera online, however I completely forgot about the giant lens, and I was soo lucky that I made the bag so oversized that the camera fits it snugly!

I also made for him another leather cuff, which he had requested before in these colours, beige and green - in the photo it's sitting ontop of the previous one I made for him too, see it here in this post.
All the leathers I used are scrap leather, and they are all hand-sewn [painstakingly as leather is sooo thick], and I leave them quite raw around the edges as firstly I think it suits the look, and secondly I can't seem to find leather Edge Kote in Singapore! If anyone knows where I can find them please let me know!!

So aside from my boyfriend's birthday presents, I've also been experimenting with making jewellery with my art - my drawings.. I wanted to see if I can use paper in my jewellery without ruining it when it gets wet, and how I can make them sturdy enough.

And this are 2 that I came up with!

This first one is a rough drawing of the Eiffel Tower, the drawing is on paper, and I used jewellery wires to create the circle frames and attached them to the sketch. Then I coated the drawing with glossy finishes on both sides, and it became sturdy and waterproof! So chaining it up with pale gold ropes, I have a charm bracelet!

My second one, I created more of a bead like charm. Using clay and my drawing, then also using glossy finishes, I got this! I also braided strips of red leather for it to hang from.

I love them both! And they look great worn together too!

So these art jewellery range are not perfect, they are quite raw as they are all made entirely from scrap pieces, so not too sure if it can be sold. And these 2, I'm keeping for myself anyway.

However, if this catches any of your fancy, let me know!


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