Saturday, 6 August 2011

Reebok's Wrist Weights

If you know me, you'll know that I've been committed to a jogging routine for about 8 months now, before I used to be lazy where I go off and on the routine. However, now I'm pretty good at maintaining it! Well, I don't really have a choice see, my dad and brother are avid fitness freaks, and my mom was obese with health problems contributed from it.

Anyway, jogging is usually my only form of exercise, besides my 2km walks everyday to and fro work, I don't go to a gym as it's a waste of money to me. So, with jogging and walking, my legs and core are the only part of my body that is getting most attention, and I am left with jiggly arms. Hence, I got these awesome wrist weights!

These are designed for strapping on and then you can carry on doing your core exercises, so for my case, I strap it on and go jogging! And it's basically weights that work on your arms while you do your core. Mine are 0.5Kg [on each weight, so both weigh 1kg together] as seen in the photo above, and honestly I thought it would have been much heavier, but because of the momentum when I'm jogging, my arms' swinging actually balances out the weights so it does not feel like it's a toll at all. There was a heavier option at the store where I bought it from, it was 1Kg for each weight. However, to get basic tone, you should use lighter weights, for building on muscle mass, heavier would be the option. Since I've already got 5 and 9 pounds hand weights at home, I got the lighter wrist weights - besides I wanted toned arms only, not huge guns!

So I love it, the design too is smart, it pretty much works like an arm guard [those we use as kids when we are learning to ride a bike or roller-blade], you just hook the hole to your thumb and then strap it around your wrist. This design is good as it holds the weights in place, instead of having it sliding up and down your arm, or having to strap it on so tight. It's also made with breathable cloth, and it is filled with beans to create the weight, so it's flexible and soft and comfortable. Plus the attachment is velcro, so it's easy for strapping on yourself.

If you're interested, this should be available at any big sports store that also sells other gym equipments. It wasn't crazy expensive, SGD$23, but I did wince abit considering it was like buying beanbags for my wrist..


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