Thursday, 6 October 2011

Gifts- Colourful Button Necklace and Wine Charms!

Since I got back from UK, I've been busy launching a new collection for Like it. Make it. Wear it. and creating presents.

Here is one of them:

The brief was to create a button necklace that is colourful and quirky! I spent a good hour at the vintage button shop picking, mixing and matching.

Here is the close up of the toggle clasp:

Then, I'm flying off to KL tomorrow for a house warming, so naturally I had to make something. 
The couple constantly entertains and are in the PR business, hence 

I love them all! Wine charms make great gifts and it adds a nice touch to the evening, plus, makes it easier for people to identify their glasses!

I couldn't resist and put them on as earrings for fun! I might make some of them into earrings soon!

Happy crafting! I'm working on a tutorial for this so stay tuned!


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