Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Clay Flowers, Cat Silhouettes, and a recipe Book! ~ All handmade by E.L.

Alrighty, I have loads to blog, but for tonight it's about the flower power!

I started making these flowers out of clay, a progression from my previous piece of the leather charm bracelet with a painting of a bird silhouette. And instead of painting a picture, I tried moulding it into a simple flower shape and painted it! Hanging it as charm on a ribbon of pearls I think this piece looks pretty and sweet.

So other than just using it as a charm, the button like shape to it was perfect for ear studs!

I'm making a bunch of these to gift them to my little girl cousins! So pretty and perfect for little girls!

I made a pair for a good friend's birthday too.. she has an obsession with funky ear studs so thought she would appreciate them for her collection.
 So wrapped it up classically in a white creamy box with a gauzy black ribbon... She loves cats [as S.T. does too btw], so I experimented with a cat silhouette ear stud too!

Since I haven't put up any posts on my handmade-handbound books, here is one, so the same friend loves to cook, and I decided to make a recipe book. I printed out some recipes from online [cos' I'm crap at cooking so I don't have recipes of my own to share... but do refer to S.T. for yummy tips!] and bounded them into a book.

Ok till next time when I can find more time, I'm gonna tell you about a lovely spa place I visited recently... update on old projects with extensive photos [long overdue!]... and the gorgeous gift S.T. got for me from her trip to UK! Which she WILL blog about soon too! Our Travel page looks really sad at the moment... but not to worry we will fill it up soon enough!


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