Monday, 23 January 2012

Beach Kaftan DIY ~ E.L.

On a recent company retreat to Phuket, my colleagues and I went a little ga-ga over the beach kaftans. So I bought a couple for myself and a couple for friends too.

So below is one that I got for me, and of course, a beach kaftan is usually worn over your bikini on a beach, but I think it works too as a summery outfit!

Wear it over a tank top and shorts, and I feel the green paisley patterns on it looks great with brown and bronzey accents. Wore it with my Topshop strappy gold-bronze sandals, with my brown purse the BF bought for me from Target [hey fashion can be affordable too!], and brown skinny braided belt to pull in at the waist.

Ok so I may have bought this kaftan, but it's actually really easy for you to make one yourself, especially if you're not visiting Phuket anytime soon to get one of your own...

I did up a tutorial on how to make it, I haven't tried it personally, but I'm pretty sure this is how it was made anyway.

First Step: Start with 2 scarves with the same pattern and measurements.
The measurements below are just an estimated one.

Technically, the width should be able to stretch from your shoulder to your wrist to make the sleeves. And the length should be how long you want the kaftan to be, so 56 inches should stretch over your shoulders to reach slightly below your waist on the front and over your bum on the back.

So take note of these measurements if you are going to cut out from your own cloths instead of using ready-made scarves.

Step 2: Sew on buttons on one scarf with the loop holes on the other, this is the part that keeps the kaftan together.

And as seen below in the diagram, there should be enough space between the 2 sets of buttons, the space should be left unsewn so your head goes through it.

Step 3: So when it is done, put it over your head, and there will be the buttons down your front and back.
So hope this works if any of you try it out!

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