Monday, 23 January 2012

Support Sewing by Hand

Ok for many of you who don't know my secret... I am going to come right out and declare it here... I only sew by hand! I do not own a sewing machine, the only one we have in the house is broken, and I only rely on thread, needle, and my hands!

Sure it can be tedious to finish up a project that may take only a couple of hours to finish with a machine, but for those of us who are not confident with a machine, sewing by hand can pretty much take you just as far.. Trust me, I sewed my bags and my clothes just with my hands, so I know it is possible.
And I've found it very therapeutic to sew by hand...

So my mom was the one who empowered me with the basics in sewing, like how to thread a needle and make a dead knot etc. But I had to also research on techniques to improve my skills in order to make sure my dresses don't fall apart when I'm walking down the street or something...

So for all beginners and those dabbling with handsewing out there, I support you! I have been told by many that handsewing has no durability and not as good as a machine etc.. but I have you know that I have proven it all wrong.. and I'm here to point you to the right website that has given me invaluable techniques and tips.

Here is the link to the website.

And here is the video I personally use till today with all my projects. Here is the direct link to owners youtube site.

So don't be afraid of learning to sew, there are thousands of sites out there that can help you with it, hopefully I've helped you start!


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