Monday, 23 January 2012

Piedra Negra ~ Great Mexican food

Ever since my cousin brought me to eat at Piedra Negra, I've gone back several times... It's sooo good! Very sinful and unhealthy, considering most of the things I always order are the fried stuff...

But so yummy! Located at the end of Haji Lane, map here.

My cousin's office is at Haji Lane, so she goes to it so often that the chef knows her, and of course he's apparently a real mexican.
Prices range from SGD$10-$20 for food. Alcoholic beverages are also available.

The BF & I went this Saturday, and it was raining badly, so if you've been to Haji Lane, you will know that the shop houses are small and campy, and the restaurant is in one of them, so when we sat on the outside by the road, it got a little wet...

My favourite is the Chile Rolleno, which is basically a stuffed green pepper with cheese and it's coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried. So it's served with jalapeno and tomato-based sauce and black beans, and when you cut into it, the cheese just oozes out... so it's crispy outside and gooey-cheese inside... drool..

Ok the BF's favourite is the Garlic Cod, which I've tasted and it's really good and a much healthier option to the other fried choices on the menu.

So even the BF finds the guacamole they serve with their nachos not too bad, but of course, him being the good Panamanian grandson, he still feels his grandma's better! [well actually I must admit that too.. and nothing beats his gran's salsa]

I love love the colourful decor of the restaurant and the whole mexican theme, it also blends nicely with the rest of Haji Lane's quirky and colourful look - the shop houses in the rain are so whimsical..
Love the mexican tiles accent..

Other great stuff to try on the menu, that I personally love but unable to consume at one time in one meal, are the fish tacos and the flautas.

So even if you are going to be a tourist in Singapore, do come down and check out the place! Great place to just hang out.


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