Monday, 23 January 2012

Good Morning Brekkie! ~ Simply Bread

Firstly, before I forget again.. Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!
I don't celebrate it much anymore, thus the reason for the major posts, been at home vegging out in front of the telly... 

Anyway, I want to share with you a great place that I have been going to with the BF for breakfast! Of course this is based in Singapore for all the international readers out there! So if any of you are planning a visit to our little cosmopolitan island, maybe you can check out these recommendations!

Simply Bread at Guthrie House on Sixth Ave is a lovely place to have a satisfactory wholesome breakfast. Much better option than MacDonalds... click here for the map.

It's also a bakery that bakes all these yummy wholewheat breads and sweet baked goodies, and it's always freshly out of the ovens in the morning. Usually by late afternoon they'll be running low on the breads as everyone in the neighbourhood probably pops by every morning and leaves with a loaf under their arms. It's also a very family-oriented place, weekend mornings will have the place packed with parents and their kids.

The breakfast they serve are all fresh too, using their own breads and all cooked fresh, none of the pre-heat stuff that fast food places have.

They also serve lunch, which are usually the selections of sandwiches, but I think they have sandwich specials everyday too.

The cinnamon roll isn't bad... I love love cinnamon rolll... very hard to find in Singapore these days.. 

The menu.. click to enlarge and see it clearer..

I usually get the eggs.. you can add things to it.. this was an omelet with shitake mushrooms... and roast peppers draped on top because they forgot it and served it on the side for me instead.. hahaha

So if you ever do get up early on a weekend morning and looking for a pretty good fresh brekkie, head down to Simply Bread! 


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